Akshaya Educational Trust (R.)

Sanmarg Central School

CBSE Affiliation No. 830336 School Code No. 41124
Pre-kindergarten to class X Students for 2018-19


A bountiful heritage, the richest of cultures, an ocean of knowledge – that is our country India. We at Sanmarg Central School, strongly believe that our students’ minds should be inspired and moulded by the intellectual, spiritual and practical aspects of knowledge that our own country can offer. With an Attempt to recreate the ancient Gurukula System of education, Sanmarg Central School aims to build strong, dependable bonds between students and teachers. By inculcating the habit of putting theory learnt to practical use, we aim to create youth who are confident, courageous and inspirational, representing the progressive face of modern India.

The term education encompasses a whole gamut of experimental learning which, in a school, is given through teachers in the classroom and often more importantly outside. It is the nature of the experience and how it is designed to be imparted that makes the difference between a good school and an ordinary school.

Eduaction is a shared responsibility in a school community of board, administration, faculty, students and parents. Quality in education consists of modern equipment and adequate space and classroom facilities.


Our school motto and logo are an extension of our philosophy: Shraddhahi paramo gatihi -Literally translated, the line tells us that dedication is the only path to success. It also refers to the need for interest, passion and commitment in students, suggesting that the supreme path to knowledge is traversed only through dedicated study under the watchful eyes of the teacher.


The light that shows path and clears clouds of doubts and darkness. Blue – the colour of depth, vastness and unending possibility. A colour that symbolizes the power and infiniteness of knowledge. Knowledge that comes from getting the right kind of education in the right kind of atmosphere.